Passport Services Update

Important Passport Services Update

Update 01/23/2023: On Monday, January 23, 2023, the optional fee for 1-2 Day Delivery Service will increase from $18.32 to $19.53.

We are experiencing extremely high demand for passport acceptance services at the Buena Park Library District. Our passport agents can only serve a limited number of customers each day.

Unfortunately, our passport office reaches capacity daily, frequently before the library opens, and we are unable to serve everyone. Daily capacity fluctuates based on agent availability.

To manage the demand and prevent customers from waiting in line all day at the library, we have implemented a check-in process each morning to address the line that forms outside before library opening.

-         Customers in line will be checked-in by library staff at approximately 9:00am and given a time to return later that day to meet with a passport agent during passport office hours. Only one member of each party needs to be present for the check-in process.


-         Upon return, customers may still have to wait for an available agent. However, this eliminates the need to wait for several hours or more at the library. All members of the party must be present upon return.


-         Once we reach our daily capacity, the library cannot accept any more passport customers for the day. Being in line at check-in time does not guarantee passport service.


-         The library does NOT make appointments and does NOT check-in customers for future dates.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Passport Services Update