Zip Books has arrived!

Zip Books is a California State Library program that allows the public to make a request for a book that is not already in the collection. 


The book is shipped directly to the patron’s home. When finished, the patron will return the item to the library and the library will add the item to their collection to share with the rest of the community! 


Requirements to join the program: 


  1. Your account must be in good standing. 

  2. You must have an adult patron account. 

  3. The item may be a physical book, large print book or book on CD. 

  4. The library doesn’t already own the book. 

  5. The cost of the item must be less than $50 for book, $75 for CD. 

  6. The book must be available through Amazon Prime. 

  7. No textbooks, workbooks or activity books. 


For more information and to make a request, check out our web page here:

Main Menu > Services > Zip Books